China-Base Ningbo Group Co.,LTD - Trade of iron and steel

CBNB has a professional, efficient and young team focusing on international trade of iron and steel. Based on professional service and honesty, they have earned the trust of foreign customers and built worldwide brand reputation with annual sales volume of 1.3 million tons. Having run this business for many years, the company has established good and stable relationship with manufacturers and customers.

Steel Products Traded

Dozens of steels including flat and long products, sections, pipes and tubes, etc.

International Market

over 30 countries and regions highlighted by Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America and Africa

Domestic Market

sales network centered in Yangtze River Delta region, covering North and South China

Through great cooperation between two teams respectively operating steel business and future trade, the company’s steel trade is being transformed from traditional model relied on margins to a new form featuring arbitrage, which is also enhancing its spot trade by basis, regional arbitrage and cross-variety arbitrage.

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